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Introduction to the Business

At Littus, we really want to know our clients before entering into a relationship.  Whether through in-county meetings or virtual calls, we want to learn about the company’s back story, its experience with international markets and their goals moving forward.   This investment in learning about each client’s specific motivations and priorities ensures that programs are designed and delivered in line with each client’s unique needs.

Project Management

Establishing a presence in a foreign market requires managing multiple business segments and several service providers.  Littus streamlines this process by serving as in-country project managers, overseeing all business infrastructure needs, timeline and budgets.

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Entering the U.S. Market

Companies considering expansion into the U.S., along with their economic development partners,  need to invest time and resources early in the process to identify opportunities and capability gaps in order to be successful.

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Exporting To Foreign Markets

Education is the best tool when internationalizing your business. Learn the ins-and-outs of exporting to foreign markets to make informed and successful choices.

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Littus can help map out a strategy to support companies’ international expansion and stay on-board as long-term partners in implementing the plans that evolve.

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Get Started from Littus

At Littus we understand that you are internationalizing your business with your own time and money. We’re committed to helping you develop and support an efficient business development strategy for success.

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