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Become a Littus Partner

Littus brings together companies looking to grow their business in North America with partners, prospects, government programs and investors.

Why Become a Littus Service Provider Partner

At Littus we understand that the SMEs we’re working with are spending their own time and money to actualize their internationalization plans. That’s why we’re building a network of experienced service provider partners across a variety of industries. Membership includes access to a diverse client base, inclusion in marketing materials, and more.

Becoming a Parnter

What we look for in a partner?

Our service provider partners are the lifeblood of the operations at Littus. It is our prerogative and purpose to connect interested parties with industry experts for the most efficient use of time and money.

Experienced in their Specialty

From legal to H.R. and everything in between our service providers are leaders in their fields.

Knowledge of Bringing SMEs to the U.S.

Each service provider under the Littus umbrella has first hand understanding of global business.

Fee Transparency

From the get-go our service provider partners are clear and direct about the fee structure for their services.

Timely Delivery of Services

At Littus we understand that clients are spending their own time and money. We hold our service providers to a timely delivery of quality services.

Littus Membership

Are you considering coming on board as a Littus service provider? Get in touch today to learn more about the opportunities that lie with Littus.

Prominent Position in Littus Marketing

When you become a Littus partner your logo is displayed prominently on all Littus marketing materials including the website, brochures, presentations, etc.

Access to Client Base

As a Littus service provider partner you are the first point of contact in your specialty for the client. The Littus client base is sustained by partnerships with local enterprise groups and innovation hubs, etc.

Network of Likeminded Professionals

At Littus we like doing business with one another. Whether that be a Zoom call to touch base or regular emails regarding future client opportunities, by joining Littus as a service provider you are a trusted partner in our work abroad.

Recurring Clients

As a service provider partner your company may find opportunities to continue to support clients after they become established in the U.S.

Our Service Provider Partners

Meet the other partners that collaborate and support all soft landing services from Littus.

Get in touch

We’d be glad to chat about future opportunities to expand the Littus service provider network. Get in touch below.

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